Maximus Tyrannus Avery, Max Avery

Why We Must Focus on Arkansas Identity as a Global Supplier

The global economy continues to grow and the demand for goods and services from the United States remains significant. To remain competitive, companies must look to expand their operations by exporting. Selling internationally allows Arkansas‐based companies to reach new markets and customers while increasing their brand awareness and ultimately driving up their company valuation. Additionally, it can help them to diversify their income streams and reduce their dependence on the domestic market, which can help “weather the storm” in times of a slowed American economy.

There are several factors that companies need to consider when exporting, such as market research, product development, logistics, and financing. However, with proper planning and execution, exporting can be a tremendous growth opportunity for businesses.

Organizations in Arkansas have come together for a unified effort to assist companies in the beginning stages of exporting or to examine their current processes and help increase their current revenue. The Arkansas District Export Council, partners regularly with groups such as the Arkansas Economic Development Commission (AEDC), The U.S. Department of Commerce, The Arkansas World Trade Center, Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center (ASBTC), the SBA and more. This partnership has allowed for combined education and training opportunities, grant funding and connecting Arkansas companies to potential clients around the world. Arkansas is already a great place to do business, and I want to make sure that we’re making it even better by doing everything we can to attract new businesses and grow existing ones. Exports are a significant part of that, so we need to do everything we can to increase this sector. We have a great network of partner organizations that I am eager to introduce to more businesses in our area

In addition to focusing on exports, I have a larger plan for economic development throughout the state. The goal of increasing exports is positioned to further diversify Arkansas’ economy and create more jobs and opportunities for Arkansans.

I am dedicated to expanding our economy in a way that benefits everyone in Arkansas.

Max Avery for Arkansas