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We must ensure that the educational system is governed at a local level, and parents are allowed to take an active role in the education of their children so our schools can provide quality education to our children. Reforming education is an essential issue for me, and I will fight for the proper use of your tax dollars and ensure those tax dollars are providing the most value possible for each student. Arkansas must have strong public schools and I will make this a priority, but all children also deserve to not be bound by their zip code or economic status. We must work to provide all our students the resources to succeed and their families the ability to choose where and how to best prepare their children to contribute to Arkansas’s future.

In today’s workforce, technology is becoming increasingly important, and our requirements are ever-changing. Providing our children with a more robust curriculum that emphasizes technical skills and technology will set them up for success in the job market in the future. We must make trades, technical colleges, and other alternatives viable options for our students to pursue if a four year degree & student debt isn’t the best option for them.

I will advocate policies that promote parental rights in education. Specifically, we must provide necessary resources to our school boards while being able to hold them accountable and ensure open and transparent parental participation in school board meetings.

We must continue to develop Arkansas as a place to start and grow businesses. Arkansas must also provide an environment that allows existing businesses to thrive. Our economy is driven by the private sector, which generates jobs and opportunities. However, for many business owners, just keeping the doors open is a constant struggle. I have first-hand experience with the challenges businesses face with burdensome regulations that slow their growth.

As a legislator, I am prepared to fight against unnecessary bureaucratic regulations and protect Main Street from further overreach. If businesses are given streamlined processes and more freedom to grow, we can expect low unemployment and real economic growth in Arkansas, as well as an increase in the median household income that benefits families right here. As an entrepreneur myself, I am eager to contribute to faster economic growth and showcase innovation in our communities. As your state representative I will constantly seek new opportunities to create and attract business. It is important that we work together to champion skilled and vocational job creation while actively working on expanding our available resources for quality workforce training.

Arkansas needs a tax structure that will encourage business growth and allow our citizens to keep more of their hard-earned money. By lowering taxes and simplifying the current tax code responsibly, we can achieve economic growth. Tax codes should not punish success but reward it.

One of Arkansas’ major problems is its state income tax, which is regressive & puts Arkansas at a competitive disadvantage to neighboring states. I will work as your representative to phase out the income tax.

It is the responsibility of the state government to create an environment that attracts entrepreneurs and businesses so that our state economy can grow and jobs can be created. Tax relief enables individuals to invest in their small businesses and allows families to prosper. For the private sector to reach its full economic potential, we need significant tax reform.

I know firsthand how difficult it can be to start a business, meet payroll, and create jobs. It is for this reason that I support a pro-growth economic agenda. My commitment on top of reforming taxes is to rein in our state spending and reduce the hurdles created by unnecessary government regulations. Some of our brightest and best residents are leaving Arkansas for a state with more beneficial tax codes. We need to reduce taxes across the board now to grow the economy and support our citizens.

Taxes have been a heavy burden on Arkansans for decades, and the tax code should never be used to enforce inefficient policies from previous administrations.

Across the country, crime is surging as police departments are being targeted for political reasons. Crime prevention needs to be adequately funded.

Rather than pursuing reckless policies that only empower criminals, let’s work together to improve safety for everyone. Our state’s law enforcement agencies can be improved by implementing several initiatives that would save taxpayer money, build trust in the police, and, most importantly, save lives.

Keeping citizens safe is one of the most critical responsibilities of the government. Right now, local police departments in Arkansas are stretched too thin. Recruiting and retaining high-quality officers is essential, providing them with the tools and training they need to do their jobs.

Law enforcement agencies must continue to strengthen their bonds with the communities they serve. As a result of community policing initiatives, our local agencies have had great success in improving relationships between officers and residents. As your Representative, I will always stand with and support our law enforcement.

I will always work to protect our 2nd amendment rights. The ability of decent, hard-working Americans to own a gun—whether for sport or protection—is enshrined in the Constitution and must never be compromised.

As a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment, I will defend the Second Amendment rights for the people of Arkansas.  I will fight any attempt to infringe upon our constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Arkansans are struggling with rising healthcare costs that have far outpaced inflation.

In Arkansas, we face many challenges. I will work to reduce the cost of life-saving prescription medications, including out-of-control insulin costs, which must be brought in line for affordable access to all.

As your Representative, I will work to combat the opioid epidemic. We must continue to fight this terrible addiction in our state since over 850,000 Americans lost their lives to opioids between 1999 and 2020. America First means putting American works and American lives first. We must build relationships to work effectively with support organizations and invest in preventive action to target the sources of addiction, not just the consequences.

Instead of more government involvement in our personal health care decisions, I believe in patient-centered, market-based reforms. Our solutions must be designed to solve some of the problems plaguing the health care system rather than create layers of costly and inefficient bureaucracy.

Our state’s largest industry is agriculture, which accounts for nearly one-quarter of Arkansas’s economic activity. A variety of agricultural products thrive in the Natural State’s landscape and climate, contributing to an annual economic impact of about $16 billion. Among the state’s top exports are rice, soybeans, cotton, poultry, and feed grains. I will continue to work to make sure Arkansas’s agricultural community has economic certainty, including efforts to open new international markets for exporters. Together, we can ensure Arkansas’ agriculture remains strong and only gets stronger.

When the governing body embraces and promotes a culture of civic engagement, state government works best.  In my capacity as State Representative, I will listen, constantly engage, and empower residents, civic groups, and organizations to improve our community. In addition, this will allow residents across our state to collaborate, get to know one another, and build relationships that will strengthen our community.


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